Paperless Post

Online Invitations, Stationery, Announcements, and Save the Dates by Paperless Post
Paperless Post

I’m enjoying a new e card site. The name of it is Paperless Post. It is still in Beta, but is looking fairly polished. They have very classic looking formal invitations in a paperless format (i.e e Cards). They seem to be currently marketing themselves to the wedding crowd. I guess between Save the Date cards, Rehearsal dinner invitations and the various bridal shower invitations it gets quite expensive continually sending out invitations on nice formal paper cards. With Paperless Post you can be “green” and thrifty at the same time while still sending a classy card. I’m considering using the site for my friend’s baby shower and birth announcements.

You need a stamp to send a card to someone. Each recipient of the card uses 1 stamp. Extras such as personalization, envelope liners and custom logos cost coins.

The business model is built on the earning/purchase of stamps and coins. You can currently earn stamps by referring new members or you may purchase them. Each new member that you refer to the site will give you 10 stamps. That’s 10 cards you can send. The coins are currently only available via purchase from the site.



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