Leveling your Cooking Quickly

Pilgrim’s Bounty is here for World of Warcraft. This is an excellent time to level your cooking on all your characters. All the supplies are located at verndors & special cooking trainers are locating in the area. Once this week is over it’s gone.

  1. Go to Elwynn Forest right outside the gates of Stormwind. Train Cooking if you don’t already have it.
  2. Cook Spice Bread until it goes grey at 40. You’ll need this for another recipe.
  3. Buy the Bountiful Cookbook & open it. Learn Spice Bread Stuffing
  4. Then use your Spice Bread to make Spice Bread Stuffing until Level 50
  5. Train at Cooking level 50 for Journeyman Cooking
  6. Continue cooking Spice Bread Stuffing until cooking level is 100
  7. Learn Pumpkin Pie recipe & cook it until level 125.
  8. Train Expert Cooking at 125.
  9. Continue cooking Pumpkin Pie until 160.
  10. At 160 learn Cranberry Chutney & head to Ironforge.
  11. Cook Cranberry Chutney until level 200.
  12. Train Artistan cooking at 200.
  13. Continue to cook Cranberry Chutney until 220
  14. Learn Candied Sweet Potatoes & head to Darnassas
  15. At 275 train Master Cooking.
  16. Continue cooking Candied Sweet Potatoes until 280.
  17. At 280 learn Slow-Roasted Turkey , Go back to Elwynn Forest. Here you will have to kill the turkeys to cook. Be sure to train at 350 cooking.



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