Old Rogue’s Gallery post

Second character I ever rolled. I was going to level her a proc warrior cause I HATED dying so much with Book. At one point in time she was the same level as Book. Sad to report that if you armory her she’s still level 12. I just didn’t like her that much. Mainly I didn’t like how long it took to kill mobs. I got to the point of preferring my slightly squishy assassin over my warrior.

Ahhhhh My little lock. I rolled her because I was leveling some with a friend of mine in Westfall & I was the one making plans of attack & such (did I mention she’d been playing this game longer than me?). I really didn’t know how a warlock worked so I rolled her so I’d know how to use her abilities. She was originally going to be a throwaway character. She really has changed since this screenshot. She’s now level 35 & has really good gear for being level 35. She probably has the most heirlooms of any of my alts. Well I wanted to do SOMETHING with all those extra Conquest badges. Also I have found I LOVE doing random dungeons with her. It is quite different playing a lock & standing back to shoot at things instead of being in the thick of it.

Yes I skipped Bankbook & Booktrey. Bankbook is just what her name implies, a bank. She will probably perpetually be level 4. Booktrey is my pally, but take note of where she is. Yep, she’s a Blood Elf pally. Don’t know what I want to do with her, but it’s kinda fun to go to the other side. She’s level 11 now.  Shepard is my priest. I don’t know what I want to do with her so maybe that’s why she’s still level 7. 

Nature is the druid I’m actually playing. She’s now level 28. Feral at the moment. Mainly kitty. I hope to switch her around level 50 to balance/resto. Notice the heirloom shoulders. I’ve now got the chest piece as well. Gotta love that combined 20% extra xp bonus.

Werebook was just a placeholder for a name. Decided against it & deleted that character. So my next alt in here is the Bad one. Yes, I rolled a gnome DK. Yes, she has pigtails just like Booktoo. She’s currently level 74. I ended up breaking down & getting her heirloom chest & shoulders. (can you tell Book’s been running a LOT of stuff?) And when she hits level 80? Straight to Tier 9.0 armor cause she’s going to be running a LOT of heroics herself).