Updating Rogue’s Gallery

Level 26 Warrior. Yeah she gets no love these days. Still level 26.

Level 80 Warlock. My caster. Much easier to quest with her than with a mage. My mage on my second account is level 20.

Level 4 Druid. Probably will always be level 4.

Level 30 Paladin. Horde side. She’s my kick around on character to see the horde side of things. 

Level 26 Priest. Yes she got a race change. She’s still got the inheritance goods. She got them after Booktoo hit 80.

Level 55 Druid. I feel like I need to finish leveling her next. After I have 3 at 85.

Level 81 Death Knight. She’s Blood like she always has been. So now she’s a tank.

Level 41 Paladin. She’s Prot spec’ed. Doesn’t do half bad.

Level 14 Druid. Yes, another druid. What can I say. Cat reminds me of a rogue.