Top 10 iPhone apps

As my friends can tell you I have a lot of apps on my iPhone. I run a little late, but I try to do a yearly update of the apps I frequently use.

  • Tsheets – Goes with the web service at I have to track my own hours & complete paper time sheets at work. I use this app to “clock in” to track my work hours. Then I pull up the website when completing my paper timesheet & fill in the blanks.
  • DC Comics – Read full color comic books on your iPhone. I like the Marvel app slightly better, but I like the content from DC better.
  • Foodspotting – Want to see what restaurant meals near you look appetizing. Foodspotting is a social networks for sharing photos & comments about cuisine near you.
  • Foursquare – Checking in? This is how some of my friends keep up with where I am. I’m currently mayor of 8 locations.
  • Kindle – As almost everyone who knows me knows I love my books. This allow me to carry many of them with me.
  • Audible – I also love audiobooks because I can have a story while I drive. This is a great program that will play the audibook, plus allow you to bookmark where you were at.
  • Hiptasmatic – I like photography, but I also like interesting, unpredictable & “artsy” photography. This allows me to have that in my pocket at all times.
  • Twitter – Be social! Random updates from my life & links to other things I find cool.
  • Waze – Free GPS with turn-by-turn directions. Also fun with gaming elements such as “munching” new roads with a Pac-man like icon for points.
  • Evernote – This is my brain. I store many many notes to myself in this.



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