Of the Zynga Facebook games I play my favorite is Farmville. It’s not “energy” based like Frontierville or Cityville. So if I want to change things up that is 1 less thing to factor in.

Farmville Winery(9)

Probably my favorite thing is my “crafting” building. When you hiut level 25 you can choose between a bakery, a spa, or a winery. This will allow you to use your crops to make items. To me this gives me a reason to continue to plant crops. I went with a winery myself because it is a lot more fruit based & less grain (bakery) or flower (spa) based. I’m working currently on the Green Rose Water for the St. Patrick’s holiday

Another one of my favorite things is the seasonal events. I missed the Christmas & New Years due to lack of interest, but I did the Halloween, Thanksgiving & Valentine’s Day events. I even have a pretty replica of the Eiffel Tower on my farm from the Valentine’s event. Working hard on my St. Patrick’s Day collection currently.

Also occasionally companies will do short promo events. I was around for the McDonald’s day & also the Stouffer’s event. I must comment that the rewards Stouffers gave were better than McDonald’s. McDonalds had a big hot air ballon decoration (which is currently in storage) & a “McCafe” drink that made your avatar walk faster for the day. Stouffer’s gave you a Mac n Cheese tree that you can harvest periodically for coins & a free instant grow.

Lots more with in the game that I am enjoying. May post more later.


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