WoW: 4.1 My thoughts

Zul’Gurub & Zul’Aman

I’m looking forward to a few new dungeons. I’d love an Amani war bear. I really want one.

Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms

Since the bags are Bind to Account I can send it out to Book if I tank on Bad. Rare pets & chances at a mount. Oh my!

Guild Finder

While I’m not looking for a guild on my main library of toons, I rolled a goblin hunter. I’m thinking I might like to level her up to end level. Which means I’ll be looking for a guild on her.

Guild Challenges

Do something x times while in a guild group. I’m liking it. Also interesting that you can do it normal mode (ie SFK on normal with 3 guildies at level 18).

Dead players can be resurrected by targeting Party/Raid frames instead of having to target their corpses

To quote many people “about damn time.” Course with Mass Resurrection now you can rez the whole party without targeting anyone.

Non-damage interrupts are no longer on the global cool down

Yay! While my rogue’s Kick has a GCD of 1 second this doesn’t mean much to me as her GCD is so fast. Her limiting factor will still be 15 energy. Where I will notice this is my Death Knight’s Mind Freeze, My DK has a 1.5 sec GCD. So imagine just as I push an attack which triggered the GCD the boss starts casting an ability that needs to be interrupted. I was stuck for 1.5 sec without being able to push my Mind Freeze.

DK ability Raise Ally is now a real battle resurrection.

Question: Who knew how to dps as a ghoul if someone used Raise Ally on you? I didn’t. I just kinda hit random buttons that were there. I think that was how it was for most people. It just wasn’t used because of that. I’d love it if you still maintained the ghoul graphic for like 30 seconds but could use your normal attacks that you’re use to, but doubt that will be.

Unholy DK Desecration no longer triggers on snare-immune targets to reduce ground clutter

Desecration was one thing I hated about the idea of Unholy dps. It is messy. You can’t see loot mobs underneath. I hated it in Trial of the Champion because I could never tell if it was the DK’s Desecration or the one from the boss. I’m glad it will no longer trigger if the target can’t be snared.

Druids have 100% pushback protection while channeling tranquility.

I’ve been on my druid & had Tranquility (big Area wide healing spell) interrupted. I was so pissed because it has such a long cooldown. Now happy that it has protection. Now just to get those ferals & boomers to help the healers out with it. Don’t knock it. It helps. Every bit of it does.

Hunter Pet Happiness removed

Thank goodness. I had to carry around so much food for my pets to keep them happy. Now feed pet just heals 50% of pet’s health. Yay!

Hunter Tame Pet now the new pet will be at the hunter’s level not 3 level below.

Another thank goodness. Keeping pets leveled is a PITA. Now it will be just go tame a new one if it’s a common model.

Paladin Righteous Fury persists through death.

This one I’m going WTF about. As a combat rogue I have to turn back on Blade Flurry when I die. So why do Paladin’s not need to turn back on Righteous Fury?

Rogue Recuperate now heals for 3% per tick, up from 2%.

With recuperate I was happy for a self heal ability. The downside? It costs combo points. Precious, precious combo points. Which means I miss an Envenom or a Rupture. Which means I’m not dealing out as much damage. & it was useless in Tol Barad dailies. Everything in the world dealt out more damage than that poor recuperate could heal for. Now we’ll see.

Rogue Stealth cooldown is 4 sec, down from 10 sec, & the movement penalty has been removed.

Right now I’m spec’ed into faster movement & faster stealth cooldown, but I still suffer from about 50% movement speed reduction. No more baby! Moving at normal speed in stealth will be super fun. Several people have said this is a ploy to keep the rogues from running away to play RIFT. I can’t play RIFT cause it’s not for Mac’s so I just will stick with my rogue & enjoy the emptyness of my field which means I’ll be in high demand.

Rogue Tricks of the Trade now has 100 yard range, up from 20.

Another yay! I can’t count how many times I’m in position for a pull & the tank is more than 20 yards away. I want my threat to go to the tank, not me thank you very much.

Warlock’s Rain of Fire damage has been increased by 25%

Yay! As it’s now getting to be possible to Wrath-style round up & AoE down trash this will help my little lock as she can now bring the Rain.

Warlock Soulstone can now be used in Combat to resurrect a targeted dead player.

Now you don’t have to be all-knowing & know it’s that healer who always dies who needs the soulstone, or the tank. Now you can just go, oops the rogue’s down. Soulstone the rogue after the fact!

The Dungeon Finder now attempts to avoid putting damage-dealing classes with the same armor type in a group.

This is kinda helpful if you’re gearing a dps toon. However I love running my warlock with a mage. I’d be competing with them for gear, but I like their cake. But then again my DK won’t be competing with the Ret pally for that plate gear that just dropped. (However I still have to compete against tanks & Holy pallys.) I still remember in Wrath when Book was a noob 80, Prot pally, Holy pally, Ret pally, Death Knight & my rogue all doing AN (that was a guild run) & them teaching me stupid hunter tricks like how to pull Hadronox without the ads. I remember the “Wait was that a HARPOON?!?!?!” response to my throwing weapon & when I spoke on Vent, “Was that Book?” “Yes, I’m Book.” “OMG, Book’s a girl! I haven’t seen a girl actually play a rogue on this server.” (guy’s Vanilla & BC main was a female rogue)

Players will now get bonus rewards (Valor/Justice Points) 7 times per week instead of once per day.

I’m in love! If you know me I work 12 hr days 3 days a week. I do very little on my work days. Now I can take my first day off. Blast through my 7 weekly dungeons & voila! I have my weekly valor points. Will be very handy for my alts. Book’s geared (cept for her daggers, but I’m sure that will change when ZA & ZG hits) & her Valor Points will be going for Boots for Bad & ‘oCurses since she doesn’t need anything from points until 4.2 hits & any points she accumulates as Valor will change to Justice when 4.2 hits anyway & her Justice are just going to purchase heirlooms.

Two new custom guild tabards which are account bound & offer a bonus to gaining guild reputation.

Yay! I need guild rep. I’m sick of dailies. I look forward to 4.2 when we’ll have new dailies. Book gets everything first. The soonest. But I’ve been unable to face the grind of guild rep. This hopefully will ease my pain. Book is over 1/2 way through Revered with the guild, but I’m sorta stuck there. Even with 2 mounts & a pet waiting on her to hit exalted, I’ve been unable to face it. (& I’m sitting currently at 93 mounts). Rumor is you need to be friendly/honored to purchase these (crosses fingers).

Many “Account Bound” heirlooms are now labeled as “ Account Bound,” meaning that they can also be traded or mailed to characters that are on different WoW accounts under the same account.

*does the happy dance* Now I can outfit my Shaman, my mage & my hunter in heirlooms as they are on my second account. & with Book out of Justice point items it’s back to heirloom purchases (& Badbook’s getting close to that point too, but she has 2 sets to gear so it takes longer). account mail arrives instantly

That really didn’t matter to me as my toons on my second account are in my main guild & take advantage of the G-mail perk.

Archeology 7 new rare items have been added.

Yay! New things to find.

Archeology: Players now have a much smaller chance of getting a dig site for a race for which they have completed all rare finds.

I can has less fossil sites? Yay! No point digging for common items. Although some of the vendor trash has some nice gold values on them.

The rate at which Honor Points are earned have been doubled.

Yay! Why? Because I’m working on Mountain ‘O Mounts achievement which will give me a dragonhawk mount. I’m at 93 out of a 100 mounts right now. I need 101 Champion’s Seals to finish the Argent Tourney mounts. PVP mounts are 2000 honor each for the basic “black” mount. There’s the Mechanostrider, the Elekk, the Ram, the Horse & the Tiger. Getting each of these will bring me to 98 mounts & if I can get to Exalted with my guild that would put me to 100!

But no one will quite have the celebration that I gave my friend (now ex boyfriend) when he hit 100. It was during Winter Veil 2009. Now you have to kinda understand when I hit 80 Alex took me under his wing. He organized the Naxx runs. He made sure I had gems (in fact he flat out gave me several) & enchants. He made sure I got in the daily heroic. Anchor of Hope was a tight knit 5 man team in those days. We put down Trial of the Champion together many times. We did the new ICC 5 mans when they came out. So to thank Alex for the work he did to put our characters together, we got together behind his back. He was dragging us into his Zul’Gurub runs for the mounts. He was sitting at 98 for the longest time. But I had a secret. I had leveled my DK miner & my Rogue was an Engineer. Steinn & Kag also had high level miners. And Kag was a AH money making genius. So between the 3 of us for months we farmed. I did countless dailies. All for the gold. Why? We made him a motorcycle & hid it from him. I had it finished for about 2 months as we decided to wait for him to get his 99th mount. He got his 99th mount during the start of Winter Veil so we made him visit under the tree in Ironforge. He had no clue what we were up to. I had it wrapped up in wrapping paper that Steinn had procured for me. Alex was flabbergasted. Then we all had to port to the tourney so he could show off his dragonhawk (couldn’t fly in IF in those days) & we all had to have rides in the sidecar.



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