Patch 4.2 thoughts

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Patch 4.2 has been in the news lately on World of Warcraft gaming sites. Figured I’d put forth some of my opinions on some of the items.

crowd control no longer causes aggro.

This is a lot better for the random dungeon world. With guildies you’re usually on vent coordinating a pull. So the mage sheeps, everything runs for the mage, then the tank has to pick it up. If you get a sheep happy mage, your tank may be caught unawares when everything heads for him. Hence this will make random dungeons easier with delayed communications. Then again I play a rogue, my cc doesn’t aggro.

Blind lasts 1 min on an NPC, but still 8 sec in PVP

Another good change. Gives my rogues another CC in a dungeon.

You will be able to reorganize your character selection screen

Apparently people have been requesting this one for quite a while. Will be kinda neat, but not sure if I’ll use it or not. As someone who’s never main changed & her first character is still her main I like that Book’s at the very top of my list.

Cloak of Shadows & Combat Readiness will now share a cooldown. Cloak of Shadows will have it’s cooldown increased to 2 min instead of 1.5 minutes.

Major PVP problems for rogues with the shared cooldown. 😦 I’m really not liking the Cloak cooldown being longer. 30 sec in a boss fight where you need to Cloak (Sindragosa & Atremedes come to mind) that will be a devastatingly LONG 30 sec.

New quest hub & new faction to gain rep with

More stuff to do with Book! Outside of raiding I’m done with her. She has the best gear she’s gonna get at this point, but there will be new stuff for her to get once 4.2 hits.


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