ZenKiki – NPC – World of Warcraft

apply his Druid skills in real combat

World of Warcraft - Zen'Kiki
via ZenKiki – NPC – World of Warcraft.

I laughed so hard I nearly pee’ed my pants. This is an NPC that follows you around to help you on your quests in the Western Plaugelands. I’d never gotten this far before into WPL since the revamp. He’s a druid with the Cenarion Circle & he’s there to “help” you. But he’s still learning. Most the time he will just cast wrath on your target, but occasionally you’ll see the total Fail!Druid.  You see him as Fail!Seal when he gets turned upside down in Aquatic form. You see Fail!Boomkin when he shifts into Moonkin form & then proceeds to moonfire himself almost to death. Then there is Fail!Bear where he shifts into bear form &  stands with his back to the mob attacking nothing. To round it out is Fail!Kitty. Zen’Kiki turns himself into Cat Form & pounces around everywhere except for at the mob. Absolutely priceless.


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