Toolbar Setup Protection Paladin

World of Warcraft
This is how I do my spellbars on almost all my World of Warcraft characters. The spell priority of the rotation is in order of highest to lowest priority.

So my Prot Paladin single target priority is Shield of Righteousness > Crusader Strike > Avenger’s Shield > Hammer of Wrath > Judgement

Notice #1 Shield of Righteousness is greyed out. This is because I didn’t have any holy power when I shot the photo. Even though it’s top priority I have to use some other abilities before I can use it. #2 Crusader Strike which is the new main attack, but with a 3 sec cooldown instead of 10 like Judgement. This is used  #3 is Avenger’s Shield, but I use it lots for pulling groups as a first attack though. #4 is Hammer of Wrath only is available when a target is below 20%. #5 is Judgement.

The Multi target priority is  Inquisition > Hammer of the Righteous > Avenger’s Shield > Consecrate > Holy Wrath

Inquisition is a level 81 ability so it’s not anywhere on my bar at the moment as my Pally is only level 60. #6 is Hammer of the Righteous which is the AoE version of Crusader Strike. I have to go back to #3 for Avenger’s Shield. #7 lays down Consecration. #9 is Holy Wrath. Yes I skipped #8.

#8 is always a special case for me. This is my Kick spell on my rogue. I gotten so used to it that I have to put every character’s spell casting interruption ability on #8. My DK has Mind Freeze there. My paladin has Rebuke.

The remainder of keys goes into my “survival” buttons with = being my “OMG I’m about to die!” button. On my hunter = is Feign Death. On my rogue Vanish. My paladin Lay on Hands.


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