Tier 13 Fashionista — The Druids

I like this set. I guess that is great since my main alt is a druid. Granted I hardly ever get to look at her gear since it’s hidden under the giant chicken suit. But the phosphorescent mushrooms Blizzard was  aiming for came across really well in my opinion. The bioluminecent fungi avood looking like you fell asleep to visit the Emerald Dream on the forest floor & just recently awoke. You just haven’t brushed off all the mushrooms yet.

The top set is what I refer to as the hot pink set. I like how the hood & shoulders are like tree roots with the shelf mushrooms growing on them. The belt looks like a WWE plate of blood boil on the hot pink set. The kindergartner seamstress looks like there is improvement & with the complexity to the design the dark stiches don’t even appear until your searching for it. In the hot pink version it looks like the base material isn’t leather, but rather tree bark. I guess it’s hard to pull small unnoticible seams when you’re using tree bark as a material.

The middle set is what I’m calling the gold set. It has lots of purple tree bark as well. It still like this even though it finishes as my least favorite of the 3, but I’d still wear it & like pretty well it on my druid. But I’d feel like I was back in high school on a pep rally day because the purple & gold was my high school colors.

The lowest set is what I’ve been refering to as the blue set. This is my favoite of the three, but of course my favorite color is purple. The green tree bark works better that the purple to my eye.

I’ve been thinking about switching my boomkin to worgen so I can have human form for standing around in Stormwind. I kinda like how this looks on a human.



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