Tier 13 Fashionista — The Hunters

The hunters. One that I’m not looking at personally as one of my 85 classes. But maybe before the end of this expansion. She’s already 51 & I’ve got lots of heirlooms on her. So if I put my mind to it I could probably have her leveled & geared enough for the looking for raid group. My problem is that I have ADD with my alts. I can’t consistently level one or the other. It’s just kinda “I feel like healing dungeons” or “I feel like tanking dungeons” or “I feel like questing now.” Anyway on to the fashion critique.


This is named Wyrmstalker & I was talking to a hunter who was ecstatic over them bringing back the stalker to hunter gear. Overall, I’d say I like it. It’s not one of my very favorite out of the Tier 13, but it’s not one I hate either. It looks not to be leather or mail, but of scales. The artwork on the boots I have no clue if that is supposed to be mail or scales or what. It looks like a bit of bad artwork for the boot base.


I’d say the silver one (bottom) is my favorite of the colors, followed by the burgundy one (top), then the purple one (middle) is my least favorite of the three.



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