Tier 13 Fashionista — The Mages

This is one of my top 3 of the Tier 13 sets. Mage, Paladin & Priest won me for Tier 13. The mages were the first one that I saw that I said “I WANT!” One day some fully tiered mage is going to be sapped & I’m going to walk away with those robes… & the shoulders & the helm & the gloves…. I might be nice & leave him his pants…. Nah! Who am I kidding those would be gone as well. With a name like Timelord I want a blue police box to go along with it.

Look at that lovely quilting. Looks like they let the kindergartner sew up the side on this one, but they kept the thread close to the same color, but just the sides you have the lovely quilting to distract you.  I found a mistake on the female model you can see the bra on the base skin in the cleavage opening & it’s even worse in the back. Bad form there.

I love the techno goggles helm. There is an issue with the seam where the helm & the chest meets in the back, but overall I think they tried to make it seem as the helm & chest piece were a single piece if you can ignore that line that just a little off..

Those Cogwheels on those shoulders move! I guess you guys can tell my main’s an engineer and a gnomish one at that.

The reddish top one is my favorite, but I love all the color schemes.



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