Tier 13 Fashionista — The Paladins

Dear Paladins, I’m jealous. I want this. But then again since my paladin alt is currently level 64 it is possible for me to get her leveled & into the LFR to get at least the beginner Tier 13. You get wings made of plate metal with pretty gems inlaid in. They wings could have been smaller, but overall they still work.

Guess what guys, NO SKIRT! I always think it’s weird to see a skirt in mêlée. Druids get a pass since if you’re in mêlée usually you’re in kitty or bear form (Let’s put a skirt on a bear!…. On second thought let’s not). But ret & prot pallys in skirts make me want to say “Get in the back & heal.”

The ladies are showing the bare midriff. While for art work it looks gorgeous. But you know stomach wounds are nasty….

Also they slightly changed the chest artwork for the ladies to have the horns encircle the breasts. While October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month (SAVE THE BOOBIES!), this is a little disconcerting in the way they are designed. I’m a little weirded out by them.

I saw some people comment on the boots looking like the backs were made of leather. My response? More comfort. Do you really want to be walking around in metal boots all day? Just slap some plate segments on the important parts & walk around in some very comfortable leather! (this ad is brought to you by the Leather is Better Rogue department)


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