WoW Fashionista: Rogue Tier review

My likes

Rogue Tier 2Probably the most iconic of the rogue tiers is actually Tier 2 Bloodfang out of Blackwing Lair. The rogue in Craft of War BLIND wore it. It got recolored blue for Outlands dungeons.







Rogue Tier 5Tier 5 Deathmantle is seen more with the goblin rogue gracing the cataclysm loading screens wearing it. You definitely don’t want to turn around & see this behind you in a dark ally.







Rogue Tier 7Tier 7/7.5 Bonescythe holds a special place in my heart. At level  57 (I was a Wrath Baby and this was right before Ulduar came out) a friend said for me to take a look at level 60 tier gear find something you like & I’ll run you through for XP & a chance to get some gear. So I found Wowpedia & looked at the level 60 gear & wanted the Tier 3 which research quickly showed me was no longer available. Tier 7.5 was also my first tier when I hit 80.






Rogue Tier 9 AllianceTier 9 Alliance was my first “current” tier set. While 7.5 was my first tier set, it was right after Tier 8/8.5 was released. Tier 9 was the first I got while it was current. I love the scrolling work. I did dislike the helm, but turn off display helm & I loved the look. I also like that whether 10man, heroic10man/normal25man or heroic25man it all looked the same. You could have the 10man boots with the 25man chest & it all matched.






My hates

Rogue Tier 2.5Tier 2.5 Deathdealer’s – Ok I’m pretty sure then entire AQ tier is going to be on my hate list for each class. The bug carapace is just ugly. Bonus points for sticking with a theme even if they couldn’t make it pretty.







Rogue Tier 4Tier 4 Netherblade – very Owlish. Are we Nite Owl from the Watchmen???








Rogue Tier 8Tier 8/8.5 – The start of some truly ugly helms. I am not a Sontaran.








Rogue Tier 10Tier 10/10.5 – This is probably the first set I was paying attention to for the previews. I looked at it & just hated it. I think I said “I AM NOT a Leaper!”






My Meh’s

Rogue Tier 1Tier 1 Nightslayer – while I don’t like the shoulders. The rest is okay. Soupbowl shoulders anyone? Just flip them over & it’s meal time.








Rogue Tier 6Tier 6 Slayers – A solid design, but one that doesn’t set off my OMG WANT!!!! factor. And the helm? They made it cloth & gave it to the Zul’Aman dps cloth helm.







Rogue Tier 9 HordeTier 9 Horde – A nice design but not one I ultimately loved or hated. Just sorta meh it’s there.








Rogue Tier 11Tier 11 – Not one in which I was attracted. They did a nice job with the djinn look. The chest looked like a corset. The overall look was one I neither hated nor loved.







Rogue Tier 11-12HeroicTier 12 – Again not one I hated, but not anything I was excited about.



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