WoW Fashionista Death Knight Tier Retrospective

MMO-Champion / World of Warcraft Official

My likes
deathknight2 Tier 10 Scourgelord is my favorite of DK tier to date. My favorite color sceme is the 10heroic/25normal

deathknight3 Tier 11 Magma Plated was one I liked. Especially the heroic version coloring. Very regal yet intimidating.

My dislikes

deathknight3Tier 12 normal – what kinda rusted butterfly is that? I feel like I need to quote Robin. Holy Rusted Metal Batman! Though the heroic version doesn’t look too horrible.

My “meh”

Tier 7, 8 & 9 I could really care less about. Tier 9 to me was especially uninspired in their not varying the plate appearances.




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