WoW Fashionista Warlock Tier Retrospective

MMO-ChampionWorld of Warcraft

Ok. I kinda feel bad for the warlock class in general after looking through these. While there were several that I liked there was not a OMG! WANT! among the whole lot. My warlock was my 3rd 80 & my 3rd 85. I’m not sure what she will be wearing come transmogrifying. Maybe Black Mageweave.

My likes

warlock1Tier 4 Voidheart. I like that it resembles a Voidwalker. My void walker is called Charky (pronouced Sharky) he’s usually the main one I have out while I’m alone. Veeshril (my Felhunter) has to take a backseat. This reminds me of Charky & amuses me.

warlock1Tier 5 Corruptor. Chains, skulls and spikes. How much more badassery do you want?

warlock2Tier 7 Plagueheart. Love the gas mask look to the mask. And the evil eyes.

warlock3Tier 9 Alliance Kil’Thuzad. Simple lines to the shoulders. But it’s stuck looking like the rest of the cloth wearers in Tier 9.

warlock3Tier 10 Dark Coven. Dark, mysterious. Just is a victim of the Kindergartener stitching.

warlock4Tier 12 Balespider. The colors come close to rubbing me the wrong way, but I love the detail put into this set.

My Dislikes

warlock1Tier 2.5 Doomcaller. What can you say AQ fail again. And it’s pink.

warlock4Tier 11 Shadowflame. Ugly helm. Colors offend my eyes.

My Meh list

warlock1Tier 1 Felheart. I don’t like the shoulder, but like the horn for a helm. I also like the red/grey color, but the green detracts. Also that was in the day of huge gloves.

warlock1Tier 2 Nemesis. Green & purple I’m not really a fan of in this one. Probably looses some in translation of the higher resolutions WoW uses today.

warlock2Tier 6 Malfic. This just looks…. hazy.

warlock2Tier 8 Deathbringer. I’m not sure what this is supposed to be.

warlock3Tier 9 Horde Gul’dan. I like the fact that they worked the horde insignia into the shoulders & belt, but overall the effect is just bland to me.


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