WoW Fashionista Druid Tier Retrospective

MMO-ChampionWorld of Warcraft

In the future we need more bear inspired sets IMO. Cat as well.

My likes

druidt4Tier 5 Nordrassil. Reminds me of the bark of a tree while still being very pretty and almost serene.

druid2Tier 6 Thunderheart. I really love the Native American theme with this set. I wish we could see more Native American influenced tiers for druids.

druid2Tier 8 Nightsong. I especially love the 10 man version of this gear. It’s very pretty while still being natural. The helm is just a simple moon. I think this is my favorite.

druid3Tier 9 Alliance Malfurion’s. It looks like the rogue set except for it has a kilt and is blue-green instead of royal blue. I have the non-tier version of this on my rogue & my rogue may use this transmog to wear this on occasion.

druid4Tier 12 Arborweave. The looks very much like a tree. The shoulders are intriguing. The helm is just weird, but it kinda works if you think of it as a mask

My dislikes

druidt4Tier 1 Cenarion. Sprouting a forest.

druidt4Tier 2 Stormrage. Moose hunting season.

druidt4Tier 2.5 Genesis. AQ bugs… I don’t think an AQ set has NOT made my dislike set. Moving on…

druidt4Tier 4 Malorne. While I do like the moonstone-like shoulder, the rest of the set looks like AQ bug carapace.

druid3Tier 10 Lasherweave. Looks like the thorny growth got away from the gardner. Feed me Seymour.

My meh list

druid2Tier 7 Dreamwalker. Pretty but it doesn’t strike me.

druid3Tier 9 Horde Runetotem’s. Native American theme touched on but they needed to go further with it. Would look ok on Tauren (the only Horde druid race at that time)

druid4Tier 11 Stormrider’s. I like the grid shoulders, but the tones of brown & blue I disliked.


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