100_9033.JPGThe Day Apple Left The Tech World’s Collective Mouth Agape

$46.33 billion in revenue. It’s a number the biggest and best tech companies in the world can only dream to hit in a year. Apple hit it in one quarter. $13.06 billion in profit. It’s a number no tech company would ever aspire to in one quarter because it’s ridiculous. The only companies that have ever thought about such numbers are oil companies. And even then, only 3 of them have actually hit it. Ever.

Until yesterday.

I’ve already tried to give some context to the stunning Q1 2012 results that Apple posted. But the truth is that they’re still unbelievable.

Oh wow. Just wow. Usually I’m just like yeah, yeah company made some profit. But OMG follow the “only 3 of them have actually hit it” link. Or go to the Wikipedia entrythat prompted it. It’s a list of all the companies that have a quarterly profit > 10 billion. There’s only 1 company on the list who isn’t an oil company. Yep it’s Apple.


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