Wish for a List

I am dreaming about a tool for my alts. I’ve got a spreadsheet, but it’s hard to keep up to date.

1. Checklist Where I can enter gear slot priorities. (I.e. boots drop from boss #3 & boss #5). Boots from #3 is a +37 upgrade & boots from boss #5 is a +77 upgrade. If I get boots from boss #5 & check those then boots from boss #3 gets marked off the list as well.

2. Can re-sort by instance/boss & be printable.

3. Can tell me what spec it would be for. I raid in one group that uses loot rules of need for main spec/greed for off spec. The character I raid like this on is dual spec’ed as dps/Healer. I’d like to know which spec I’m rolling on Items for so I can do the correct roll.



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