February 15 Update to Mists Talent Calculator – Forums – World of Warcraft

Here are some examples of spells gained through Symbiosis. The spells shared focus on utility, cooldowns, and survival. (Adding Fireball to a Moonkin’s rotation sounds cool on paper, but wouldn’t actually be fun in the long run.)

Balance: Chains of Ice, Mirror Image, Mass Dispel
Feral: Feign Death (Play Dead!), Frost Nova, Soul Swap
Guardian: Ice Trap, Fear Ward, Consecration
Restoration: Ice Block, Hand of Sacrifice, Leap of Faith

Hunter: Dash
Warlock: Rejuvenation
Holy Paladin: Rebirth
Arms/Fury Warrior: Enrage
Enhancement/Elemental Shaman: Solar Beam

There are a lot more coming, but we’ll keep some surprises for now, and many are still subject to change after testing.* *Including all of those just listed. via February 15 Update to Mists Talent Calculator – Forums – World of Warcraft.

WoW. Ok… so the ability Holy Pallys get in return is Rebirth…. Just WoW. That will almost be mandatory in progression when you don’t have enough druid/warlock/DK to cover all 5 battle rez’s. Hunter Dash will be pretty “meh” for worgen or engineers. I want my Boomkin to have Mirror Image!!!! I raid on her with a mage & we’re the only regular ranged dps. So we can both pop mirror image & boom! 8 ranged dps!

Shamans…. who have an quick ranged interrupt anyway… get another interrupt, possibly with a bit of silence…. Wow Underwhelming.

My warlock. Great now I get to Rejuve spam on another alt as well….


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