When a blog post & it’s comments makes you think


Elf Storage
Elf Storage (Photo credit: Tatiana Mik)

This got me thinking…. what would I like to see added/changed in future expansions. I’m not a super rich player. I honestly might have 30k gold.

  • I really like the buy orders idea. Granted I could see how many idiots would list wanting to buy 1000 Inferno Rubies at 5gold each (They currently run about 300gold each on my server’s AH). But if I see someone’s wanting 20 Twilight Jasmine at a decent price I might be tempted to dust off my Herbalists & go farm some up.
  • Buy orders could also be great for those green items for Transmog sets while browsing through blogs I see random item X that is a green random world drop from level 50-60 mobs. Great, either I can go farm like mad on low level mobs or watch the AH like a hawk hoping some clothie didn’t DE my pretty green leather item into dust. I could post a 100 gold bounty on a buy order & hope random clothie or plate wearer sees my buy request for pretty green leather transmog item & is more tempted to fill my buy order rather than turn it into dust.
  • Mounts as a gold sink. While this is in the game already as the Chopper & Vial of  the Sands (I’m still thanking my Secret Santa for that one) & the mammoth mount with a vendor (I’m still too cheap to go buy that one), I’m thinking the really nice one would be a carriage. See Gilneas starting zone, you could put 5 players on a carriage & bring your whole party along.
  • Bank space as a gold sink.  Granted there’s void storage, but seriously more bank space is something I could try to create gold for.

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