MoP Fashionista: the basics of Cloth & Leather

So I’m not in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandera Beta yet, but I’ve been keeping up with the armor sets that have been coming out. I must say I’m enjoying several aspects of the designs of the new sets.

Cloth sets

I love the helm with this set. Very simple yet works incredibly well with the theme. My first love was the White one.


But then I fell for the red one.


But then again the Blue one is growing on me.


Leather sets

The one is my main & my main alt’s concern (rogue + boomkin/resto druid) so I have much love & interest in these sets.

Leather 1 to me comes across as very blah. It does have a stylized Shogun Helm, but then again I’m not a big fan of that. I really disliked the Light set & also didn’t care for the Red set. However the Brown & Dark were the least offensive to my personal style & there’s very little difference here between sets so I’m just posting screenshots of the ones I liked best.



Leather set 2 was the one I was really looking forward to.


It’s got an interesting look with the single shoulder plate.


The helm I don’t really care for but it will be hidden for Book.


The hardest part may be choosing a color to wear. I want it all!


But I must say that I adore the Indigo.

References: Wowhead News


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