Beauty Army Febuary Unboxing


Unboxing the Febuary samples from Beauty Army.


Pink camo. My niece would love it. Me not so much.


Finally to see the samples.


Dirt Paste. I originally thought this was face cream, but turns out it’s a hair product.


Argan Oil Shampoo. I have tangles in my hair so I’m looking forward to trying this product.

Review: Tried it and used the whole bottle… Still have many tangles in this long mess of my hair. It is very minty smelling; didn’t notice any citrus to the scent. I’m used to foaming shampoos so the non-foaming was a little strange at first.


Medal of Honor loose eyeshadow. Interesting color for an offbeat look. I tend to go very neutral/natural for daily wear.


Eye cream from Yes to Blueberries. I’ve liked the Yes to Carrots line so I’m looking forward to this.


Hothouse Flower perfume. I liked the smell of this however it was much stronger than I can wear for work or usually everyday.


The Olive oil soap bar because soap is cool.



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