20130227-095003.jpg Book my main. I’ve been exhausted & working a lot lately. I sat during my guild’s kill of Wind Lord (who should have been the Blade Lord), Amber Shaper (though I did get in on a glass night), & Empress.

20130227-095327.jpg I was feeling ok and was chosen to go to Terrace for our first night in there. Now I’d heard that Terrace wasn’t nearly as bad as Heart of Fear. I believe it. We waltzed right in & after a few learning pulls on each boss we downed 3 new ones in 1 night.

Overall I think Blizzard did a poor job this expansion of layout. Stone Guard was a tough first boss. Heart of Fear had too many “road block” bosses too close together (my opinion anyway). I learned to despise that instance. Will of the Emperor is just annoying as crap.

My guild has been plagued with lack of consistent tanking this entire expansion. And we can’t seem to recruit on our server (everyone seems to have this issue not just us). So if you’re looking for a guild. Though we had a healer swap to tanking role. We could even use a few more healers as we’re losing 1 to a baby birth in a few weeks.


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