Done today

Hunterbook- daily leather research

Naturebook – Last Stand of the Zandalari, no loot. Need to work on Lifebloom Weak Aura.

Holybook – Pinnacle of storms, no loot

Book – waited a long while for a Nalak kill for her legendary meta gem. The only time I saw that he had been killed was went I got back from getting dinner.

Shubook – monk daily quest

Holybook – Halls of Flesh Shaping. 3 stack of Determination on Durumu. >.< I need to work on my Holy Prism Weak Aura. Just a Blood Spirit. Did Forgotten Depths with Bluemoon. “I wear plate! I may be crunchy, but I don’t go well with Ketchup.” Got boots off Megera. Got Last Stand of the Zandalari done.

Felt good talking on Skype with Laura.

Was very PO’ed at another friend. Couldn’t talk to him cause I was mad. Still haven’t talked to him.



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