Done today

updated my add ons, SexyMap, BattlePetCount & TradeSkillMaster_Crafting.

Shammybook – inscription research. Glyph of Chaining

Hunterbook – leather working research. Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Ironskin Gloves. Some AH checking.

Shubook – daily monk quest. AH posting of previous mined ore.

Shepardbook – queued for Pinnacle of Storms LFR. Tabbed out & missed the first queue pop. Queued up again, but went to kill a rare on Isle of Thunder and joined a mage to kill it cause I forgot I was queued until we had the guy dead. >.< Then sat in Queue for 28 minutes without a pop… Got my farming done. Planted more Songbell Seeds.  After about 20 min on 2nd try got a pop. Got nothing but Gold even with lucky coin rolls. Did Terrace of Endless Spring. Got Watersoul Signet, Belt of Embodied Terror, & the tier token for my headpiece.

Guy came from Chesapeake Gas to fix my gas for my heat.



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