Today’s accomplishments

hunterbook – lw CD. Kodohide leggruards.

Book – Chia whispered me while on Hunter & told me a group was gathering for Nalak.  Got tier gloves from Nalak, which I already have. Then he wanted to do an LFR. I’m not going to turn down a healer queue. Did Forgotten Depths. Got Poisonblood Bladeshoulders. Did Sha of Anger. Got 5.0 tier gloves. Got to Isle of thunder. Group was doing Nalak. So I swapped to Nalak on Holybook.

  • Forgotten Depths
  • Nalak
  • Sha of Anger

Holybook – got gold on Nalak.

  • Nalak

Naturebook – got Nalak group. Lots of waiting around. Tyranical Gladiator’s Drape of Prowess.

  • Nalak

Book – finished Isle of Thunder dailies. I’m at 18837/21000 rep with the new guild. Thanks to a priest I got across the bridge for the Swollen Vault & got Molthor to complete the achievement Champions of Lei Shen. 

Shepardbook – Got Nalak. I took her to the Veritas run. Got Robes of Static Burst normal mode robe. Getiing close to Horridon on 25 man. 

  • Nalak
  • Jin’rokh the Breaker

Then we decided to go for fun. I took Versias (my friend’s warrior) and he took Naturebook (as restoration). My highest level warrior is 50 something. His highest druid is less then that. 

Book – Molten Core run yielded Harbinger of Flame pet which I already had. Oh well, cage able so I should be able to AH it.

Shubook – won the random leveling alt roll. I finally remembered to do her daily enlightenment. Spent an hour in Hellfire Peninsula.  



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