Monte verità
Monte verità (Photo credit: mbeo)

Hunterbook – LW cooldown taught her. Ringmail Helm

My Mac is still freezing up with WoW. So I’m still playing on the Beast.

Shammybook – learned through Minor Inscription research Glyph of Fireworks; learned through Scroll of Wisdom – Glyph of Death and Decay.

Tidy Plates & Pet Journal Enhanced Updates for Add ons.

Book’s Cooking apprentice gave her Mogu Fish Stew today. Did EK daily pet battle & got a Blue Elemental Pet Battle Stone. Used it on a Thundertail Flapper. Did Pinnacle of Storms with Rodney’s Versias. Since I missed Lei Shen yesterday due to the Beast not liking WiFi.

Holybook – done Pinnacle of Storms. Tried to work on Ashnew getting her into LFR. We got her to i455 and started padding her bags with heroic gear stuff. I did get tank bracers for Holy.

Book – was invited to Veritas’s attempts at Megera. Got to the last head of the hydra a few times. Did the DMF pet battle. Still no pet.

Magebook – winner of the random level roll for the evening. She is now level 44 from level 40.



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