Daily Journal: So the problem with my Mac

The problem with my MacbookPro Retina may be that the video card is going bad. Portal & Diablo 3 are causing the OS to crash. I made a genius bar appointment.


Image representing Raptr as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase


Shammy learned Glyph of Far Sight from Minor Inscription Research & Glyph of Deep Freeze via the Scroll of Wisdom. Only 10 more unknown on my list.


Hunterbook – learned Bindings of Meditation today.


Did a little professions stuff on my Sith Inquisitor for SWOTR.


While I slept I put Time Machine to backing up the MacBookPro. I got up early cause I wasn’t sleeping well.  Played a little World of Warcraft. Basically spend some time on my Monk herbing & mining to level up those skills. Then I went and did her daily monk quest.


Oh I’m on Raptr now so http://raptr.com/tanyabook Apparently when I imported my WoW achievements I bumped from Newbie to Elite……………………


Took the MacBook Pro retina in to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. The fans were at 5000 rpm when they should be around 2000 rpm. They cleaned out a lot of cat hair.


On Book’s Cooking Apprentice Daily today got Chun Tian Spring Rolls. Again. It loves to give em those. Decided to do pet battles tonight. Got Brok in Hyjal. Vordin Steadyfist in Deepholm & Goz Banefury in Twilight Highlands. Got an quality upgrade via capture to my Ash Viper from green to blue. Got a Highlands Skunk of the grey quality, and capture upgrade from green to blue on a Highlands Mouse. My humanoid pet wasn’t high enough level



so I went around panderia capturing wild pets while I leveled him. Caught a white Coral Adder. Captured a white Temple Snake. Then turned around and caught a blue quality Temple Snake. Got a green quality Garden Frog as an add to a fight. Captured a white quality Softshell Snapling. Captured a green quality Zooey Snake.  Captured a grey quality Summit Kid & a Alpine Foxling Kit. Captured a whte quality Alpine Foxling. I managed to capture o blue Tolai Hare which will replace my green one. Next I captured a blue Zooey Snake. Tolai Hare Pup got an upgrade from white to green via capture. Caught a green Mongoose Pup in Townlong Steppes for Pandaria Tamer achievement. Finally hit 25 with the Kun-Lai Runt and went back to defeat the last trainer for Taming Cataclysm. Zoning into Stormwind triggered Trainer Extraordinaire.


I got a Nielsen TV survey in the mail which I went online & filled out. They included $10 in the package in cash. WoW.


Went back and finished the Pandaria trainers. Got Taming Panderia & Taming Azeroth achievements. Also the “I Choose You!” achievement.




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