Daily Journal: Valor Point cap edition

A treant from World of Warcraft
A treant from World of Warcraft (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Hudson had to go to the vet today and he was especially bad. He was dropped off. They couldn’t get him out of the cage cause he was biting & scratching at the staff. They had to sedate him to do the exam.

Discovered Yahoo! not only purchased Tumblr, but also Astrid…

Updates to add ons today: OmniCC, TidyPlates, PetJournalEnhanced, Masque, Mapster, CLCInfo_Monk, Symbiosis, Archy- Archaeology Assistant.

Holybook – Did Nalak

Book – Did last 2 parts of ToT LFR with Old Guard. Got 2 secrets and then got my tier LFR chest. Did Heroic Dark Heart of Panderia scenario. With 2 rogues & a monk that was tough! Got the Barrens starter quests started. Note: if not have good rep with Gadget you can die quick. Got the weekly grind quests done & capped Book’s VP. Also got Kor’koron Shoulders.

While I was grinding I finally watched Fast Five. Enjoyed that.

Before bedtime checked Addons again. Updates: Addon Control Panel, ChocolateBar Broker Display, Tidy Plates, Skada Damage Meter, TradeSkill Master & it’s attachments. I need to find something like IoTRares for the Barrens.



  1. I got told I couldn’t drop my dog off anymore. She would whine in the kennels until I got there to pick her up. I think the staff was starting to go deaf.

    I’m kind of glad I never have gone for Bloodsail Admiral. Seems like too much of a hassle whenever I need to do something in a goblin town.

    • Poor puppy. Usually my cat is very good & social. Waving staff down to come over to pet him. Just the combination of barking dogs & pain made him bad.

      Having the pet of Bloodsail & the hat is pretty cool. However you have to reverse the rep to enter a goblin town.

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