Daily Journal: short note

English: Skillet performing live.
English: Skillet performing live. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Worked last night.  Talked to my dad on the drive home. He must be missing me cause he talked to me for nearly an hour and this is the man that would call to see if someone was home so he could go over to there to have a discussion with them.

Addon updates: DMB – Wrath, Tidy Plates (hope they fixed the bugs), TradeSkillMaster, Farmhand, Skillet & Extra CD.

Book – More Sea Mist Noodles from Nomi.

Shubook – daily monk quest… 11 more quests needed to level to 65.

Hunterbook – learned Crafted Dreadful Gladitor’s Wyrmhide Robes. And XToLevel says 107 more quests till level 87.

Shammybook – learned Glyph of Recuperate via the Scroll of Wisdom. Would try for Northrend research daily as well if it wasn’t so blasted expensive for mats. And XToLevel gives her 453 quests till level 85.

Anyway off to bed. Back at work after about 6 hours sleep.


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