Daily Journal: I have 4 character to level through Panderia

2013 04 05 06 29 46
Shammybook… Now at level 85

 I had to wake up early today they replaced the sliding glass door which had cracked in the heat. Did the DQ thing for food then ran out to Walgreens for my prescription.

Came back and did Pinnacle of Storms LFR on Naturebook. Got a primal egg so I’m hoping for a mount I haven’t gotten yet. Did a heroic scenario.

Took Holybook with  Ashnew and did the 2 older LFR wings to see if we could get her a new 2 handed weapon. No luck with weapons, but we did get enough other gear for her that we were able to try Last Stand of the Zandalari. Lucky girl got 3 pieces of 502 loot.

Worked on Raiding with Leashes. Managed to get the pet off Gluth in Naxx last night with Book. Got the pet off Razorgore in Blackwing Lair tonight with Holybook (thanks to Takumi & Sombra helping me). And the pet off Prophet Skerem with Holybook. I didn’t have the weapon enchanted to do Vicidious and I didn’t have the dps on Holy (she’s Holy/Prot) to pull off the Twin Emperors.

Managed to get Shammybook up to level 85 & into Panderia. That’s got Bookocurses, Badbook, Hunterbook & Shammybook all that need to be leveled through Pandaland.

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