Daily Journal: Working on the Pandaren Spirit Tamers

Did LFR with an old guild mate on my priestess. Then worked on Pandaren Spirit Tamers. I managed to get them all defeated. I picked the Pandaren Fire Spirit since I’d gotten 1 as a gift from a guild mate & the other 2 off the auction house. 

Pandaren Spirit Tamer

Managed to get a Humanoid Battle stone so I upgraded Peddlefeet.
Had a friend help me with AQ40 on my priest to help frost shock Vicidious. I managed to get the pet off the Twin Emperors. The Anubisath Idol. So all I have left for AQ40 is Vicidious.
Anubisath Idot
Then I did Naxx on my priestess. Got Giant Bone Spider from Maxxena. Which finishes the pets from Naxx for me. Leaving only Vicidious to finish Raiding with Leashes.
Giant Bone Spider
For some reason I decided to try Kara on my Warlock. Managed to get 2 pets out of that instance including the one that means I’ll never have to try to solo chess again. Menagerie Custodian dropped from The Curator while Netherspace Abyssal from Prince Malchezaar is the one that was behind chess.
Netherspace AbyssalMenagerie Custodian
Also Naturebook’s Primal Egg hatched. Got a Primal Green Raptor.
Green Primal Raptor



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