Daily Journal: Raiding again

Got my Birchbox in. New things to play with.

Raiding again today. Got my dagger off my coin for my Megera kill! Heroic Jin’rokh the Breaker. Then we also worked on Heroic Ji’kun. Seemed like my group was keeping it together pretty well.  Got 3 LFRs in after the raid. Nothing I needed out of there. Ran Kara & got my last pet out of there for Raiding for Leashes II:  Attunement Edition. Ran Tempest Keep. Still no pets out of there. I’m wondering if it is bugged… Literally last week I ran TK 4 times and nothing dropped. First run this week, nothing…. So 5 total runs and I’ve seen NOTHING from 3 separate bosses. I’ve still got to run the healers through, but TK isn’t like Kara. Kara was designed for 10 people to run it. TK was for 25 people. The healers are geared for hps, not dps, but they do have a dps spec (well except for the Pally who gets things done in a tank spec and actually leveled as a tank).



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