Book Review: Merry Ex-mas by Shelia Roberts

Merry Ex-MasMerry Ex-Mas by Sheila Roberts
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A romance category novel about ex-husbands. Interesting. Sheila Roberts also never concentrates only on one couple. I still don’t know why I’m still reading this series. It’s good to see some continuity of characters however. Overall this on my favorite in the series to date. Disclaimer: I received Better Than Chocolate from the Tell Harlequin reader panel.

Ellla O’Brien is sharing the house with her newly ex-husband while trying to sell it. Cass Wilkes, owner of the bakery, is dealing with her daughters last minute wedding and her ex-husband. Charlene Albach, owner of Zelda’s restaurant, is dealing with her ex-husband who has returned without the hostess he ran away with and swears he wants her back.One couple gets back together, another makes peace with their lots and yet another sees her ex for the snake he really is.

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