Daily Journal: Today’s steps with depression

I forgot about the combination of the WordPress app and the Siri on my iPhone. This may be easier to keep up with NaBloPoMo than I originally thought.

I should’ve realized the depression was back because I hurt all over. My back and knees has been very painful lately. Even my shoulders and wrists are getting to be bothersome. My memory is affected. The other day I changed the pad in the cat litter box. I couldn’t scoop the box because of lack of energy, but I did manage to get the pee absorb pad changed. (I use a Breeze cat box system.) I forgot to dispose of the garbage bag with that pad in it. Brain is gone. But you got to take your successes for you can some days.

So Positives for Today:

  • I got out of bed and went to work. Usually with my depress I’m able to “soldier on,” but this is an accomplishment that deserves listing.
  • I got my pet in World of Warcraft. My main had already done the holiday so I had to bust out an alt to get the pet.




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