Alt Appreciation #DruidWeek

More making up for Alt Appreciation that I didn’t get to before.

Naturebook one of my level 90 crew. She was my primary alt for most of Cataclysm and my first alt leveled in Mists. Though she went mostly from Balance spec to Restoration spec. I haven’t cared that much for her since Throne of Thunder and I think I’ve retired her for this expac.

Shiftybook is my level 45 Feral/Guardian druid. My intent was to have 2 druids to cover all specs. Still working on leveling her. I just don’t enjoy kitty that much.

Onebook is my level 34 druid on Thorium Brotherhood and probably my highest level character on my “horde server.” Again he is feral/guardian. I tend to like the Tauren male models better.



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