Daily Journal: LFR is improving and a new level 90

I took my Paladin through LFR last night. Siege of Orgrimmar LFR was pretty horrid when it first launched. Garrosh was probably the worst, but I don’t think it was quite as bad a Durumu when he launched. Durumu week one I saw go to 10+ stack of determination before he was beat. Garrosh was only a 5 stack.


Also last night I finished up with Hunterbook. Say hello to my newest level 90. She already had a heroic level weapon she has been using since level 85. And she was greeted with a bunch of timeless isle tokens as soon as I figured out which characters were sitting on them. She makes 8.


Plan for today is to take my Priest through. She needs some TLC since I’ve neglected her for Book & Holybook. She’s fun to play. I love discipline. Just not enough time…. That seems to be a theme.





  1. You know … I was in an LFR recently and there was someone with Book in their name and I thought ‘hey I wonder if that was … ‘ but of course I’m old and have forgotten which character it was. That’s what I get for not commenting right away. Heck, I’m not even sure what character *I* was on. I think it was Alliance, and I think we were on Protectors of the Vale … so maybe last Saturday, the 9th?

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