Daily Journal: Day 6, still waiting for approval

Day 6. The Hearthstone book is not yet approved.

I got to thinking. This Christmas is going to be rough for me. Things have happened and I’m not in a good place emotionally. And I’m not sleeping on some days. 😦

Just caught up with Dancing With the Stars. I’m sad to see Leah go. She was improving so much, but still a little inconsistent. Bill’s Argentine Tango was the closest I’ve seen to actual dancing from him. I don’t want Corbin to win because I consider him almost a professional dancer. My favorite was already eliminated of course, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren.

Here was my prediction with those who were eliminated marked off the list. Now I made this a few weeks into the competition.

  1. Val & Elizabeth
  2. Corbin & Karina
  3. Amber & Derek
  4. Brant & Peta
  5. Cheryl & Jack
  6. Leah & Tony
  7. Bill Engvall & Emma

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