FODMAP on the Road: the convience market

Retro-themed design on a 12-ounce can of Mount...
Retro-themed design on a 12-ounce can of Mountain Dew Throwback from 2010. Current cans no longer say “limited time only”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was the 2nd week of living with FODMAP diet and I am still on the elimination phase. Gassy-ness is becoming much less common and I have yet to have an “IBS flare up” as I call them (I have the mixed form of IBS). I was driving down from North Carolina to see some friends for a weekend and I stopped at the local convenience store for gas and a restroom break. Usually I also grab a soda and candy or chips depending on what I am craving for the road. So I made a mental list of what I found.


  • Cheerwine soda in the glass bottle- Made in North Carolina this regionally popular cherry flavored soda is made with real sugar, but avoid the diet because of the polyols.
  • Frito’s Corn Chips – gluten-free, but may be made in a facility which uses gluten
  • Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwback with real sugar


  • Hispanic sodas – these depend on the sweetener and fruit used. High fructose corn syrup can still be found in these products, but I found more with real sugar. Also mango is a popular flavor, but you may react to the natural fructose in mango. I may obviously be a gringa but I’d rather my stomach like me than worry about the opinion of some store clerk.
  • Tortilla chips – check the ingredients and make sure they say corn and not wheat
  • Candy products – check your ingredients


  • Slushees – high fructose corn syrup in the flavoring
  • Brand name sodas such as Coca~Cola, Pepsi, etc. unless it is

I am going to try to photograph foods I eat while out. Follow me at Foodspotting for this. The older foods may not be FODMAP friendly, but I should be tagging the new stuff. Any restaurants you’d suggest I pick apart their menu? Leave the name in the comments.



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