Journal: Moving again

Don’t you just hate moving? I do too, but I do it approximately every 3 months. Because it comes with my job as a travel nurse.

1. I have too many clothes. I have 1 large storage container of scrubs. Another of just undergarments. Another of casual clothing.

2. I have 2 laptops. Yes, I got rid of the desktop, but I now have 2 laptops, a PC and a Mac. The Mac is my primary, but there are some things I just need a PC for.

3. I have a TV and a box of DVDs. Granted the box is one of my smaller boxes, but still. I need my downtime entertainment that isn’t gaming.

4. I have a large storage container for my bedding. I don’t really see how to get around this one other than the purchase of bed linens each time I move.

5. I have a storage container of kitchen equipment. Glasses, bowls, utensils, a small frying pan. Otherwise I‘d have to purchase anything I need to use each time I move (yeah, restock your kitchen every 3 months). And I have a very interesting dietary limitations currently.

6. I have a microwave. Yes, some apartments they put me in do not come supplied with a microwave. I picked the one I have out based on it was the lightest weight one when I was purchasing one.

7. I have a vacuum cleaner. Yes, I have to clean my apartment. I have a model that was marketed as a “dorm room” model. So essentially it’s nearly impossible to kill and yet lightweight.

8. I have 2 containers of office supplies. I have this weird attraction to office supplies. I like to have them.

9. I have 2 cat carriers. I refuse to travel without my boys. Otherwise I‘d be in England or Australia by now. Along with that I have a litter box! (can’t go without one), an automated food dispenser (so I don’t get woken up), a water fountain and a box of toys. My cats live in luxury.

10. I have a printer, because my company occasionally wants me to print stuff. Plus the books I work on for gaming sometimes needs to be printed out and actually viewed.


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