Beta Booked: Alliance Garrison Follower Artificer Romuul

Artificer Romuul
Artificer Romuul

Artificer Romuul

Class/Spec: Holy Paladin

Abilities: Holy Radiance (Counters Group Damage)

Traits: Jewelcrafting Allows this follower to be assigned to the Gem Botique.

Obtained: Embaari Defense Crystal  event which occurs to the southwest of Embaari Village

Quality: Uncommon


It was kinda of fun discovering this follower during an event.



  1. Every bit of info I see on these followers just makes me more anxious for Warlords to get here! Garrisons sound like so much fun to me.

  2. This sounds like my kind of follower. I’ve watched the event but didn’t participate apart from talking to the npc to start the event.

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