Beta Booked: Alliance Garrison Fiona



Class/Spec: Holy Priest

Abilities: Mind Sear (Counters Minion Swarm)

Traits: Wanderlust Increases success chance on missions with travel time longer than 6 hours. 

Obtained: From the quest line started via the Crippled Caravan quest from The Draakorium, Shadowmoon Valley

Quality: Uncommon

I first met Fiona in Eastern Plaguelands while leveling one of the library. I just wish I could have recruited the paladin twins. Yes, I know one is a dwarf and the other is a blood elf, but I think of them as the paladin twins.

Anyway Mind Sear reminds me of a Shadow Priest, not a Holy Priest.




One comment

  1. Haha, well, in our raid, our priests are always using Mind Sear on the trash, even when they’re supposed to be healing, so … Fiona sounds pretty normal to me ^.^

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