Working on the Blog Again

With battling depression and more and a busy life, I’m going to attempt to get this back under way. I went through and cleaned out a bunch of stuff on my reader list so if I deleted you I’m sorry, but I needed to create manageability. I’m just one person and this is not a full-time job. This is just me rambling about whatever catches my eye.

I’m job searching. Trying to move toward the education or documentation sectors.

I first cranked up Day One 2. Which I thought had Publish… Turns out that it is present in Classic but not 2. The website says it will be added to 2, but hasn’t yet. 😦 But has an app that works on Mac.

I’m re-reading Prudence since the next book Imprudence is being released on July 19th.

If you want to play the games with me just add me as a Facebook acquaintance.

Phone Games I’m Playing:
Disney Magic Kingdoms
Covet Fashion

You can see most of the fashion timeline at


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