What’s in a name?


What’s in a name? that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet;

So today’s Blogging U assignment is to look at your Title and Tagline. Ramblings of a Lost Dancer is from long ago. It was sort of based on my friend’s livejournal titled Ramblings of an Aspiring Writer. I liked the Rambling part since I tend to ramble around in my posts, but while she was an Aspiring Writer, I was not. I used to run Dancer’s Studio site which developed into Nursing Studio over time. But then I was not dancing anymore so I sort of became the Lost Dancer. So therefore it’s been Ramblings of a Lost Dancer for over 10 years now. Looking back at the name I like it and I will keep it.

The Tagline : “A random collection from a wandering former dancer, current nurse and World of Warcraft player.” still seems to fit. This site is random stuff that I am interested in that needs longer than a Twitter or Facebook post. It tends to be random. I’m a former dancer, I’m still working with nursing though I’m trying to change specialties and get into education of nurses.

I still play World of Warcraft quite a bit. In fact my 12th character turned 100 last week. I have been playing some in the Legion Beta so you might see a bit of it here. Mostly I’m enjoying the transmog.



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