Disney Magic Kingdoms number crunching experiment with Goofy

Since I have been playing Disney Magic Kingdoms for a while now, I’ve been working on a few assumptions, so I decided to crunch some numbers to test my assumptions. See my OCD is attacking. It’s a vicious master. I worked with Goofy since I had him at maximum level and because he was also available when I was pulling data from the game.

Assumtion #1: If you can check often (every few minutes) you get better xp/resources per hour. Source of assumtion: When I crunched numbers for crops back when I was playing Farmville the shorter duration crops, if they could be checked often, offered better rewards than longer dwelling crops. These has since seemed aplicable to most city builder genre games I have played since.

Assumption #2: When the Incredibles event ends that the Incredible currency will convert to magic at a ratio of 1:1. Source: Just sounds logical as it would be easier on game designers when ending the event. Will check back after event ends to recalculate. [Edited to add: It was close, but not 1:1 like I thought. The spreadsheet is now updated to reflect current calculations.]

Assumption #3: Those requiring a second character are poor values. So I divided those requiring 2 characters by 2. Source: Sounds logical, but would need further calculations with the other character and what can be earned separtely vs together to fully support this.

Assumption #4: No quest advancement missions are present. Source: The quest advancement missions are valuable for advancing game play. While you may not get as much XP/Magic for certain quests the game issues, they are valuable for future unlocks and game advancement. I was just looking at for XP/Magic generation when no quests are pending.

Conclusions for Goofy:

  • Best Magic mission: Run in Panic (60 seconds)
  • Best XP mission: Run  in Panic (60 seconds)
  • Best for bedtime (6-8 hours duration): Work as a Handyman (6 hours)

How this is affecting my gameplay? I’m continuing my current play style as this seems to be supported by calculations.


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