How to make your own Alpha Gam popsockets

I used Alpha Gam available graphics and custom design your Popsocket from the website. I prefered the PopWallet+ so I could exchange between the set. I could also use the popsockets individually.

Here are the steps I used.

  1. Go to MyAlphaGam at
  2. Click on “Brand Center”
  3. Download files from “Visual Identity & Style Guide”
    • Logo download on page 19
    • Armorial Bearings download on page 26
    • Icons download on page 27
    • Patterns download on page 28
  4. Go to the Popsocket Create Your Own Website
  5. Choose your product:
    • Popgrip – aka the Original Popsocket
    • Popwallet+ – the card wallet with Popsocket
    • Popwallet – just the card wallet
    • Popminis – 3 baby Popsockets
    • Otter + Pop – Otterbox case with a Popsocket built in that you can interchange
  6. Upload image
  7. Edit image & adjust to fill whole area
  8. Repeat for grip as needed
  9. Pick a grip color for the underside
  10. Preview, add to cart & order

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