Ahead of the Curve

I internally applied as a raider with my guild. This is what happened the first raid day after applying. Did decent on the fight. My dps is a little low, but that will come with gear improvement and better fights to show off what I can do.  

Daily Journal:

Still no Porcuette or Darkmoon Eye from the bags today. Did 2nd, 3rd, & 4th LFR for Book plus did the battleground Barrens quest line (hey 200 VP). Bunch of Scenarios & the back 3 LFRs. Got another Mini Mindslayer so it will be on the Earthen Ring Alliance auction House soon. No luck in… Continue reading Daily Journal:

Daily Journal: Working on the Pandaren Spirit Tamers

Did LFR with an old guild mate on my priestess. Then worked on Pandaren Spirit Tamers. I managed to get them all defeated. I picked the Pandaren Fire Spirit since I’d gotten 1 as a gift from a guild mate & the other 2 off the auction house.    Managed to get a Humanoid Battle… Continue reading Daily Journal: Working on the Pandaren Spirit Tamers

Daily Journal: I have 4 character to level through Panderia

 I had to wake up early today they replaced the sliding glass door which had cracked in the heat. Did the DQ thing for food then ran out to Walgreens for my prescription. Came back and did Pinnacle of Storms LFR on Naturebook. Got a primal egg so I’m hoping for a mount I haven’t gotten yet.… Continue reading Daily Journal: I have 4 character to level through Panderia

Daily Journal: before going to bed.

  Worked last night.   Hunterbook – finally a PvE pattern piece Spirit Keeper Footguards   Shammybook – learned Glyph of Detection. Another Rogue glyph!!!   Shubook – daily monk quest. 10 more till I level up.   Book – Nomi gave me Black Pepper Ribs & Shrimp      

Daily Journal: short note

Worked last night.  Talked to my dad on the drive home. He must be missing me cause he talked to me for nearly an hour and this is the man that would call to see if someone was home so he could go over to there to have a discussion with them. Addon updates: DMB… Continue reading Daily Journal: short note

Daily Journal: VP capping a second character

Woke up. Banfield was calling to check on Hudson. Cat’s doing fine. Being a lazy bum. Addon updates: DBM – LibDataBroker, Tidy Plates, IceHUD, Symbiosis Hunterbook – learned the Magnificent Hide Pack. Shammybook – learned the Glyph of Skull Bash. Shubook – did her daily & leveled to 64. Naturebook – did Pinnacle of Storms.… Continue reading Daily Journal: VP capping a second character

Daily Journal

Crafting: Hunterbook’s Leatherworking research today taught her Crafted Dreadful Gladitoar’s Ringmail Spaulders. Shammybook learned Glyph of Safe Fall from the Minor Inscription Research and Glyph of Anti-Magic Shell from the Scroll of Wisdom. Book’s Cooking Apprentice gave her Black Pepper Ribs and Shrimp (Strength) food today. Nalak – Managed to do her for all 4… Continue reading Daily Journal

Daily Journal: So the problem with my Mac

The problem with my MacbookPro Retina may be that the video card is going bad. Portal & Diablo 3 are causing the OS to crash. I made a genius bar appointment.     Shammy learned Glyph of Far Sight from Minor Inscription Research & Glyph of Deep Freeze via the Scroll of Wisdom. Only 10… Continue reading Daily Journal: So the problem with my Mac