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There’s a gnome back there somewhere

I took Tatiana to go get her tanking shield & sword. I don’t really know why, but I was feeling the call. I don’t tank on her. Heck I barely dps on her. She’s hit max level twice by being the boost recipient.

I really like this shot. I was slightly too early to get the words, but the look is right. And I see why gnome tanks are popular. They are totally hidden behind that shield.

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Naturebook & the Scythe of Elune

Yes, I know my main is a rogue. However I never really liked feral. Part of the problem is when I started her the dps rotation for cat was in the John F. Madden stage. In Cata, Nature was my secondary main. I learned to heal on her one raid with Veritas by reading tooltips. Seriously. I was hitting buttons at people and then reading a tooltip to see what it did. Course I had listened to Quutar talk about druid healing so I started recognizing things and putting them together.