Why I am trying Essential Oils

Hereditary fructose intolerance

Hereditary fructose intolerance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought I would share why I’m interested in learning about essential oils. Warning it’s going to be long. Professionally I am a critical care nurse, so I’m steeped in American BIG medicine. My thought is that the American medical community is that it tries to fix everything with the equivalent of a sledgehammer. Sometimes it’s needed (like my ICU patients who have multiple organ systems failing and are on the verge of dying), sometimes its not. Do we really need EVERYONE on a cholesterol reducing medication? When most of the time it could be corrected with proper diet & exercise?

Anyway my big personal issue for the last 11 years has been Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’ve been through 2 colonoscopies and I’m not even 40 yet. I have had episodes of so much pain from the abdominal cramping that I have passed out and been taken to the ER. I was supposed to take a mega dose of Fiber and a Proton Pump Inhibitor medication daily with an Antispasmotic as I needed it. Both the PPI & Antispasmotic were prescriptive medications. In February of 2014, I was doing some literature search again. It lead me to Lactose Intolerance which sounded right symptom wise, but I knew the cause was wrong. This lead me to Fructose Intolerance, same problems but a different sugar as the culprit. It fit because the foods I knew set my IBS off was naturally high in fructose. So more literature reading into fructose intolerance and I discovered the low-FODMAP diet. This actually was researched and brought to the medical community in 2004 (year I was first diagnosed with IBS) by Monash University outside of Melborune, Australia. The Aussies & Brits are much more likely than Americans to recommend dietary changes and research them. It’s a highly restrictive diet, but has a 75% compliance rating along with it because IT WORKS. Within a week of starting I was feeling much better than had felt in years. I even was able to advance to a low-FODMAP with lactose reintegrated. In September, when i was hospitalized for Pneumonia, the hospital didn’t have a category for that diet in the dietary orders. The nurse practitioner who did my admission had never heard of low-FODMAP. The hospitalist who was on duty the first 2 days had never heard of the diet. The day I was discharged (day 3), the hospitalist on duty knew about the diet, but I think she was the only one in the hospital who had.

My hospitalization in September with pneumonia left me with a cough and basically bronchitis induced asthma. I was obviously over the infection, but couldn’t shake the cough. I was allowed to go back to work because you can’t give anyone asthma, but I had a nebulizer, breathing treatments and I did 2 rounds of steroids without it helping. What helped was the nurse who was orienting me had a roll on of Breathe in her bag and she let me use it. It helped the coughing almost immediately. Of course I had to find out what it was. It was DoTerra’s blend of Essential Oils. I did sign up for Doterra so I could get it, but a lot of my literature reviews since then have shown the research being done as using Young Living oils so with the Black Friday special I decided to sign up.

Panic because I over slept

Today Murphy’s Law seemed to be in full swing for me. First one of my patients woke up confused. Pulling off things that were needed. So a lot of work at work. I get done about 45 minutes late & go to get my lunch box from the break room. There is an Ebola PPE in service happening. So I have to do it. So at 9:30am I get to clock out (my shift technically ends at 7:15). I go home. I pack. I check the cat’s water and food and liter. I decided to take a nap until 3pm. I normally have my alarm set for 3pm. I needed to leave by 3:40 pm to get there for the flight the recommended 2 hours ahead. I have my alarm set for 2:30 pm & 3 pm. And I lay down with my phone beside me and I have it charging.

A FaceTime call woke me up. The call could not connect when I tried to answer it. But I quickly realized that it was 4:30 pm. I was probably out the door in under 10 minutes. I regret I did not have time to say bye to the boys. Anyway drive from Las Cruces to El Paso. I figure an hour and I will be there by 5:30 for my 6:40 flight. Tight but plenty of time. Before I even get out of New Mexico I hit traffic. Of course there was construction. Down from 3 lanes to one. So I lost half an hour there. Now something some of my non-flying family may not realize is a 6:40 flight starts boarding at 6:10, closes the door around 6:30 and is in the air by 6:40. And they ain’t gonna wait on you. So my GPS past the construction says estimated time of arrival at parking is 6:10 and I know I will hit rush hour traffic. But Waze claims another route will get me there by 5:55. So I take it. I got to dreading the security line and how long the shuttle would take. I thought I would not make it,but I was giving it a good effort. Now remember a lot of my airport experience deals with Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. Then I thought of Manchester,NH. The airport had just a few gates. Parking was quick and very close to the terminal. Lines were short. I was desperately hoping for a smaller airport that could do things quick. I get to the airport’s long term parking at 5:50. I find the shuttle stop and really hope one is coming soon. I was in luck. One was by in under a minute. And I got a speed demon of shuttle drivers. He wasn’t in danger of turning the shuttle over but you could tell he was turning. So by 6:00 PM I am at the ticketing counter to pickup my boarding pass. No line. Go through security in about 5 minutes. Maybe a little less. I have time for the 1 minute dash into a store for a bottled water. And I made it to the gate at 6:10. When I heard the boarding announcement.

I was still riding the panic through the El Paso to Phoenix flight. The layover didn’t calm me. The flight from Phoenix to Long Beach I was still riding the panic. Long Beach airport calmed me down. It is lovely and serene. Half of the airport is out side. There’s a building for security. Then you go outside (there’s an awning for rainy days) and to another building where you board or depart. I love it.

I priced the shuttle. $35 to my hotel. I knew Uber a few days ago was $20-27 so I checked and that was still the price. So I picked Uber instead of the shuttle. Got to the hotel. Ordered Chinese delivery. It was really good. Not greasy.

How I travel with pets

1. Food/ water is quickly accessible.


2. They travel with their cage doors open.



3. I keep windows cracked.
4. Litter box in the back is accessible.
5. I try to limit stops to 15 min.

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A True Con Survival Guide: Staying Safe

Sad to hear about the assault, but some good tips here.

Another Castle

Image: Another Castle Image: Another Castle

On July 29, one day after San Diego Comic Con 2014 came to a close, details arose regarding a 17-year-old cosplayer who had been assaulted at the convention. While little is known as to what had entirely happened, what is known is that a young cosplayer wandered the grounds on her own after a fight with a friend, was assaulted, and left unconscious and in critical condition.

While this event is more extreme and tragic than most, the truth is that these things are far too common at every convention. From rape, to molestation, to attacks both verbally and physically, con-goers and cosplayers all-too-often let their guards down when traversing the con.

In light of recent events, we’d like to teach and remind our fellow geeks about getting through a con weekend safely.

1) Safety in Numbers

Let’s face facts, a convention doesn’t mean you’re safe…

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Beta Booked: Horde Garrison

Gazlowe Garrison Architect

Gazlowe Garrison Architect

I love the conversation surrounding this.

Archmage Khadgar says: … You’re entrusting a goblin to be your foreman?

Thrall says: Gazlowe oversaw the construction of Orgimmar.

Gazlowe says: Orgrimmar! The impenetrable fortress!

Archmage Khadgar says: Wasn’t it recently sacked?

Gazlowe says: Yeah yeah. Okay, one little sacking.

Wildstar Beta Monday, May 12, 2014

When doing the quest Curing the Masses [15] we were being attacked by things we could not see. Found the answer here. It’s a bar in the upper left that isn’t very noticeable that shows plague exposure. There really needs to be more of a warning about it.

Mount prices need to come down. Between paying for Rez and repairs. I made it to level 15 with 48 silver. You need 10 gold. Sad smile

Also on my enigneer, I cannot dismiss my bruiserbot Sad smile

And today I have Nos’s bug where I cannot place things from my Chest to my property. Found the answer, you have to have Ctrl+F5 (Edit toggle) enabled to place stuff.

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