Tatiana & the Warswords of Valor

Just because I could I decided to round things out and get Tatiana her Fury swords. I currently prefer Arms, but Fury may be better in the long run with it. I caught the Oden shot again with this one.

Badbook & Apocalypse

I decided to give up frost & go Unholy. But I had 1 issue. No 2-handed weapon. So I actually did the quest in frost spec until I got Apocalypse. Now I have an Unholy Gnome.

Shepardbook starts as shadow

After talking to some of the main spec healers in our group that started off leveling in their healing spec, I decided to start with a dps weapon and then move into my healing weapon. Since I can easily swap between the 3 specs.

The Horde Ashbringer

Booktrey is my Horde questing character. The only one I’ve leveled to max on Horde side. Just to make things easier to kill I put up with Ret.

Little Gnome, big sword

This is Tatianaseray, my second character ever after Book. I took her last night to get her to Broken Isles. She’s now arms and got her Warbreaker which is bigger than she is. I started her after Book kept dying and I was starting to get frustrated with her. So friends told me to roll… Continue reading Little Gnome, big sword